The Story of Little Bar Double R

I have vivid memories, through the eyes of a young girl, of cool fall days and starry nights as I helped my father prepare for elk hunts in the mountains of western Wyoming. These memories bring back wonderful recollections of the hard work dedicated to helping him create unforgettable experiences.

My father, Roger Parrott, was larger than life. Brimming with big Wyoming character, and a silver belt buckle atop his wranglers to prove it. He was all about the experience and making sure that his companions received only the best, whether it was horses, tracking, food, camping, or some of his good ol' sage advice.

One of the pillars of a Roger Parrott hunting experience was his "5-Star" camp. Waxed cotton tents, pine floors, and old potbelly stoves, fragrant with the smell of long burned away timber all have their special place in the colorful remembrance that was my childhood in Jackson Hole. To me, Little Bar Double R has always been more than just a stretch of Wyoming hillside, it's the weathered faces of the cowboys, the determination of the hunters, and it's the true anticipation of great things to come.

Just like the hunters and cowboys of the old west, my father had a deep appreciation for fresh food with big Wyoming flavor. Fresh trout slowly cooked over glowing coals was certainly a favorite among the hunters. Campfire seasoned potatoes with just the right dusting of herbs and spices were also a sure win. As the soft pastels of evening twilight settled across the camp, the wonderful aroma of fire kissed steaks and chops filled the air. Served up thick, hot, and bursting with flavor, I remember seeing the steaks proudly placed across warm tin plates bounded by hearty servings of campfire seasoned potatoes and cowboy beans.

Inventive and not one to disappoint, the old camp cook was, in his day, a true miracle worker. Roger was able to capture just a few of the old recipes; recipes that he was pleased to share with me. Through Little Bar Double R brand products, we are proud to bring you a taste of the Roger Parrott high country experience. Steeped in tradition and crafted of character, these wonderful flavors will bring a big Wyoming taste to your dinner table.

We invite you to enjoy the great flavors of the mountain west through our Grand Teton Barbecue Sauce, hearty Cowboy Beans, and Roger's Campfire Seasoning.

From all of us at Little Bar Double R, we thank you!
- Victoria Parrott Rampley

Roger and Little Bar Double R